Profound and eloquent, epic and haunting, wild, dramatic and occasionally unhinged.

Adam Summerhayes’s ‘intoxicating – virtuoso fiddle playing’ (The Times) entwines with Murray Grainger’s subtly woven tapestries of sound and rises above his rampant and intoxicated accordion bellowings in an unpredictable and powerful new look at old tunes.

Traditional rebellion at its best.

NEW RELEASE – February 2020




1. Prepare – work out the repertoire and arrangements before entering the studio

2. Rehearse – ensure that you know the material thoroughly

3. Allow plenty of time – record each track a number of times

This album follows none of these rules

~ No preparations were made

~ No rehearsals took place

~ No track was played more than once

The result?

A stream of consciousness born from the folk tradition

An epic soundtrack without a film

A fok symphony

A story without words